Valentines Day Gift Guide: Her

Valentines Day Gift Guide: Her

I don’t like to think that I’m a particularly picky gal when it comes to gifts, but every now and again you get a dud.  Sure the thought and love was there, and you’ll smile and say thank you, but when you’ve been hinting at a gold necklace for 4 weeks and your significant other buys you a teddy bear instead, there’s always that twinge of disapointment.  Valentines Day doesn’t require a grand extravegant gift, it’s the gesture; but here is a list of gifts that are classically dud proof. 


1.) Flowers

I don’t know a single girl that doesn’t love flowers.  Roses are an obvious pick for the day of love, but Peonies, Tulips, Magnolias and Ranunculus are all gorgeous alternatives.


2.) Jewelry

Unless the person you’re shopping for never wears any ever, jewelry is always a fool proof gift.  Go for a timeless staple that’s simple and versatile. & when it doubt, go for 100% gold or silver beause most “plated” jewelry can invoke an allergic reaction to those with sensitive skin.


3.) Candles

Candles are a super easy gift, and with all of the different sents out there you’re free to mix and match.  Go with a fool proof classic sent like vanilla or lavender for a more classic girl, or if you’re looking for something a little more unique try mimosa or mint for the edgier girl.


4.) Romantic Dinner

Turn off your phones and spend the night in each others company.  Whether it’s at home or you make reservations at a local place you’ve been dying to try, sitting down for a meal is a great way to share your evening.


5.) Perfume

This one might be a little more tricky in terms of choosing the right sent, but if you’re confident enough in you’re ability to pick the right sent for your special gal, perfume is a great gift.  Pick an Eau de Parfum rather than Toilet because it’ll last longer and is just stronger in general.  Chanel and YSL are my personal go-to for timeless fragrance.

Happy Valentines Day



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