All Black, Everything

“Women who wear black lead colorful lives.” -Neiman Marcus

As a Californian I was raised on denim jeans, the classic white tee, & a pair of flipflops; so as someone who has always loved following trending styles I was more than willing to update my wardrobe for my move to Paris.  Because of the Parisienne in me, black has become my go-to color for anything and everything.  It’s one of my favorite trends because a black-on-black outfit always looks chic and stylish.

There’s just something about the color black that gives your an air of confidence and instant style.  Black will never go out of style and gives you the freedom to add bolder color through accessories and jewelry.




A happy woman is a woman wearing a black skirt, a black sweater, black stockings, a piece of costume jewelry and ​a man by her side who loves her.​ — Yves Saint Laurent


My Skincare Routine

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