Curing the Monday Blues

Curing the Monday Blues

I would be lying if I said Mondays were my favorite day.  In fact, Monday mornings are probably the most difficult of days to climb out of bed.  Luckily for anyone like me, who would rather climb back into bed instead of take on the day, there’s an arsenal of things that can help to get through the Monday morning blues. DSCN0870One of my favorite Monday morning pick me ups is this rose oil blend.  Not only does it leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized all day, but I like to mix it with my facial moisturizer to get a natural dewy glow that keeps me looking well rested (even if I could use another 5 hours of sleep).  Plus is smells great, which helps give a little extra motivation to get going in the morning. DSCN0863My second Monday pick me up is this Nars sheer liquid foundation.  It helps cover up any dark circles around my eyes, and also boost my skin’s glow; which also really helps me to look awake and ready to take on the day!DSCN0868.jpgAnother great Monday pick me up is this bright pink YSL lipstick. It’s a super bright & fresh color, which is perfect for this early California spring, but it is also a great balmy texture so it’s got stay power while keeping my lips extra moisturized.DSCN0859Another great way to brighten any day-to-day mood is adding fresh flowers to your dressing table.  Not only do flowers add a great pick-me-up, they smell great & are an easy way to help refresh the air in your room.  Plus they’re super pretty & just make the whole room seem brighter. DSCN0864My last, & maybe most odd pick me up is my Instax camera.  I like to snap a quick pic of the fresh flowers I picked up at the market or whatever product I’m loving that week.  But really what I find it is, is that adding whatever little hobby that makes you happy into your Monday routine will really pick up the mood for the rest of the day.

What are your personal tricks to making Mondays a little better? I’d love to hear your shares about what little things make your day a little brighter!

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