My Spring Break Packing List

My Spring Break Packing List

California is both large & unpredictable when it comes to weather.  It can be sunny and hot in socal, while it’s thunderstorms and rain in norcal.   So whenever I pack to go back home to San Diego, whether it be for a weekend or the summer, I tend to pack very different items from what I’m wearing and using up north at school.  During spring break, San Diego is usually a lot warmer than Davis, & I also live right by the beach so I usually pack for generally warmer, sunnier beach-weather but with a few things to keep me warm if it’s gray and misty. 

Spring Break Packing



      1. First, I don’t travel anywhere without my sunglasses.  Right now I’m into big framed cat-eyed glasses & I’m currently lusting after a pair of the Céline Caty frames that go with everything.   Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)//(Here)
      2. The second thing that I always have to have with me when I’m going back home for spring break are my favorite denim shorts.  I prefer my loser fitting boyfriend cuffed cut offs because they’re super comfy and they’re denim, so they go with anything and everything.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      3. An obvious item to bring is your favorite bikini. I prefer to bring 2 with me, one patterned and one solid color, to mix and match them throughout the week.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      4. No matter what time of the year it is, you can never go wrong having a light colored sweater with you.  Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, and it also tend to get a little chilly at night so this is the perfect addition to just throw on over your swimsuit once the sun goes down.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      5. Sunscreen. I don’t think I really have to explain to any of you how important it is to wear sunscreen everyday, but it’s even more important when you’re laying out at the beach or pool all day.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      6. One of my favorite parts of the warmer weather is being able to dig out my favorite sandals.  I happen to be really into espadrilles right now because they’re extremely comfy but can also be dressed up a little better than flip-flops.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      7. Having a nice flowy sundress is great for when it’s really hot or to throw over a bathing suit.  I like to bring my black jersey knit sundress because I can wear it to the beach or dress it up with strapy sandals.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      8. A hat is a must. Whether its a baseball cap or a big floppy sunhat, every girl should have their favorite sunhat with them over break.  Not only does it complete any look, but they’re super important to bring with you when you know you’ll be in the sun all day.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      9. I can’t go anywhere without my Onomie concealer and highlighter duo. Even if I’m not really wearing any makeup that day, a little concealer and highlighter make me look well rested and just brighten up my entire face.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      10. A large beach bag is great to bring with you.  I like to bring a big one with me that I can take to both the beach or on a day trip somewhere, that way I can stuff it full of snacks, sunscreen, and anything else I’ll need throughout the day.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)
      11. Lastly, bringing a good moisturizer is super important.  After long days in the sun your skin is going to be begging for some TLC and this La Mer moisturizer will revive your skin so your face won’t get chapped and damaged.  I like to have a really good all over facial moisturizer and an eye creme as well.  Find similar ones (Here)//(Here)


What types of things do you guys like to bring on spring break?! I’d love to hear your travel and spring break necessities!

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