My Paris Series: Promenade Plantée

My Paris Series: Promenade Plantée

So I know I haven’t posted an installment into My Paris Series recently, so I decided what perfect way to spend hump-day than reading about the most magical city in the world?  When I first moved to Paris, I was living in the 11th arrondissement located on the right bank along side Place de la Bastille & Le Marais.  But what many people don’t realize when they’re walking along the streets, is that located just above is an old railroad track turned beautiful garden pathway.  I think that little things like Promenade Plantée are the reason I love Paris so much, because there is always a new secret part of the city to discover; and you are never to be disappointed (except that one time Mikaël & I tried to get to this taco shop and ended up in the sketchiest part of town ever, but that’s a story for another day).

Promenade Plantée

Promenade Plantée (which literally translates into tree-lined walkway) is this beautiful 4.7 kilometer (2.9 mile) pathway that gives you the most beautiful birds-eye view of the streets of Paris.  The pathway itself used to be the old railway (the same one some of the metro lines now run on!) that was transformed into the beautiful garden it is now in the 1980’s.  It’s amazing to be able to sneak away and look out onto the city bustling below you & to get such a different perspective of the city.


It’s a great place to walk after a meal to just escape the crowds for a little, or even to sit & read on a nice sunny day. 13513381765_19dce6c15d_o

During the Spring and Summer it is full of fresh blooming flowers & is like stepping foot into a dream (as if Paris could get any more dreamy).  It’s a definite must see whenever you’re in the city of light.13513461275_550cb77300_oAddress:
69 Rue de Lyon
75012 Paris

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