My March Favorites

My March Favorites

Happy first week of April!  This last month of March was definitely a BUSY one for me.  Between starting my last (when did that happen?!) quarter of my undergraduate education, my boyfriend visiting for 3 weeks from France, & working on both my blog and personal life, March was definitely a productive month.  One of my absolute favorite parts of spring is probably cleaning out and restocking my skin care products! DSCN1089DSCN1095I needed to start with this absolutely amazing mask.  I was supper hesitant to purchase this one (thanks mom!) because of it’s steep $70 price tag, but it is worth every single penny spent.  Investing in a really great face mask that is tailored to your skin type is, in my opinion, on of the most important things to have in your skin care routine.  These GlamGlow masks are a great product if you are looking to upgrade your current one!DSCN1090The second new product in my skincare arsenal is this Old Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster.  Having a serum as a part of your routine is crucial, but it can be really hard to find something that can actually pack a punch with all the different products out there.  After about an hour in Sephora and 5 samples later, this one was hands down my favorite.  It’s super fast absorbing and it smells AMAZING.  It also comes in a bunch of different sizes so if you purchase the small one and end up loving it you can snag a larger size later!DSCN1091DSCN1100So I’m pretty much a lover of all things French, but most especially French skincare products (take a look at any French woman’s skin, they’ve got their stuff down to a literal science).  Caudalie is an all natural French brand that has a bunch of different lines that specialize for different skin types, however this Overnight Detox Oil got me hooked after ONE use.  I’m not kidding.  I used it on in place of my normal night time oil and woke up with my skin feeling more amazing than with any other oil I’ve tried before.  The sent is a rather strong earthy smell, but it subsides relatively quickly, so if you can deal with your face smelling like a vineyard for a minute or two, I would highly recommend going into a Sephora to try out a sample of this stuff!DSCN1094This next product is something that has, honestly, been a long time coming for me to purchase.  But I finally pulled the trigger on buying an electric face scrubber.  I think I was hesitant to ever purchase one because A) they are pretty pricey as is & B) the usual (Clairisonic) can rack up your credit card bill with the necessary brush head changes.  So when I first found the Foreo silicone brush, I was really intrigued, mostly because you never ever have to replace the brush (CHA-CHING!).  But of course I though, “hmm this sounds too good to be true”.  So naturally I went into Nordstrom and talked up the rep at the counter & she was totally honest with me about the pros and cons versus the Classic Clairisonic brush.  Turns out SHE surprised herself and ended up liking the Foreo ever better than her Clarisonic!  If you are looking for an equal yet cheaper alternative but don’t want to waste your money on drugstore knock offs, I would most certainly give this little guy a shot, plus if you purchase it at Nordstrom you don’t have to worry about commitment if you end up hating it because you can always return it later!

What are some of your guy’s great finds and purchases this last month?! I’d love to hear about what you’re currently loving!

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