Glossier Cult

Glossier Cult

Okay, so I’ve been seeing just about everywhere people raving about Glossier, which is Into The Gloss’ new product line.  SO I decided to use my 20% off coupon code to order their brand new Generation G lipstick and BalmDotCom in Coconut.  Needless to say, it’s the perfect product line for anyone like me who doesn’t like to wear a whole lot of makeup during the week but still wants to not look like they just rolled out of bed. 9f27-5875-2d07-f0dd

Because they are currently sold out of the Generation G in Like (which is the color I originally planned on buying after seeing it everywhere), I decided to try it in Crush and Jam.  They are honestly one of the best not quite lipstick, not quite a tint lip products I’ve used.  I love how it gives me as much color as I want cause it’s super build-able while not looking caked on or drying out my lips.  Crush is a more natural flushed color look while Jam is a darker berry color that gives me some dramatic color without the drama! Love love love, so naturally I ordered another in Cake! IMG_8139

Next up is the Balm Dotcom which I got in the Coconut sent. Oh wow this stuff is like stepping right into Hawaii.  It reminds me a lot of my go-to fav, Aquaphor, but smells AMAZING.  So far I’ve only used it on my lips and cuticles, but I’m loving how it’s not sticky and absorbs right into my lips and skin. I think my Aquaphor might have some friendly competition, which NEVER happens.  This stuff is the, pun completely intended. 73a90269e23556dd804055b747090d46

Another huge selling point for these products are their price-points. I’m a broke-a-f college student who is in serious denial of just that, so this brand is perfect for anyone like me who loves to buy new things without feeling the cringe of my back account.  AND on top of that I have a discount code for all of you to use that gives you 20% off!  So there is literally no excuse to not go and get hooked on this new brand! But go soon, because everything is so popular and selling out quick! Seriously, you wont regret it.

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