Denim Dresses & Trainers

Denim Dresses & Trainers

I’m not really one to wear dresses or skirts for my day-to-day style.  I’m a pretty strong believer in the lazy girl jeans & a tee ensemble, but recently I’ve been really into the denim & chambray dress trend that’s super in this spring.  It keeps me feeling low-key because it’s denim while giving me a more dressy and girly look for when it’s too warm for my jeans.  

I’m also extremely (probably more than I should be) excited for the resurgence of trainers that aren’t just for working out.  I love shoes, but I’m a pretty big baby when it comes to uncomfortable shoes during the day time, so when I started seeing the Adidas Superstar all over my feeds I was pretty easily hooked and had to grab myself the all-white pair.  They’re time-less and go with everything, a win-win.


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What do you guys think about this Springs trends? Whats you’re new favorite look this spring?

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