My Glossier Obsession Continues

My Glossier Obsession Continues

So I waited and waited to make my most recent order of Glossier, mostly because I REALLY wanted to get my hands on their previously out-of-stock Milky Jelly Cleanser.  And oh man was it worth the wait.  I can’t say that it was really surprising that I fell in love with both the detoxifying & moisturizing mask duo considering I love face mask treatments.  They are sold separately but are a duo, one clarifying clay mask & the other a deep moisture mask.  The mega greens detox mask cleared out my pores while the moisturizing soothing mask helped calm my skin.  After using both, my skin was smooth and soft but without any type of residue or oil which is perfect for anyone who finds moisturizing masks to be too heavy for their skin type. 



Milky Jelly Cleanser

I have been reading rave after rave about this cleanser from everyone who was lucky enough to get their hands on it before it sold out, so naturally I needed to snag this to try it out for myself.  I have relatively sensitive skin so I am always a little hesitant to try a new cleanser.  Glossier has advertised their cleanser as gentle enough for every skin type, yet powerful enough to dissolve makeup on contact.  I was pretty impressed to find that it did just that.  I was able to remove all my makeup from my face without having to scrub really hard, which keeps my redness levels at a minimum (yay!).  I was also really happy to find that once my skin was dry, it didn’t leave my skin feeling like that ‘overly-clean’ tightness, but it also didn’t leave my face shiny (win win!) which tends to be a hard middle to fall into when it comes to my combination skin.


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