Ringing In A New Year: 2017

Ringing In A New Year: 2017

Happy New Year 2017!  These last 3 months, I have chosen to taken some time for myself and haven’t been blogging.  This break was partially because of moving back to France, and settling into what is my new life; & it is also partially because I needed to take some time for me.  The transition from being a college student with loads of flexibility and free time, to a full time working adult has been a challenge.  Life has left me with little free time for maintaining my blog.  I’ve chosen to share with you a decision I’ve made to myself as a part of this new year, a sort of “resolution”.

New Year Resolution 2017

I truly miss blogging and all that it has given me over the last year.  So as a part of my resolution for this new year, I’ve decided to set aside time for myself and the blog.  This includes bringing back my schedule of posts multiple times a week and going out to photograph content.  Taking this time to write and utilize the creative outlet I’ve created for myself is something important to me, and I’ve decided that it’s worth finding the time to cultivate.

This new years eve, something struck me that I hadn’t fully realized before.  In the past years, I’ve felt exhausted and unable to keep up in most conversations.  This year, however, was different.  I found myself being told by numerous friends how excited and happy they were to actually be able to have a conversation with me in French.  Realizing this has helped me see that if there is something I truly set my mind to, even learning a second language at the age of 23, I can accomplish it.  Hard work and determination are aspects of my new years promise to myself and to the blog.  I hope with your support, to grow and accomplish goals for myself and the blog as well.

I hope that you all have found an aspect of your life to grow and improve this year.  I also want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to take risks and pursue my goals.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!


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