Spring in Paris & A Life Update

Spring in Paris & A Life Update

Spring has finally arrived here in Paris, and with it has come longer days full of sunshine and fresh blooms.  Along with the additional hours of sunshine, you can also find the espadrilles, sunglasses, & lighter jackets have replaces wool coats and oversized scarves.  With the wardrobe update, everyone has begun to swarm for their lunches outside on the terrace.

Spring in Paris: Meals out on the Terrace

Taking a long hour lunch outside on the terrace of a cafe is almost a right of passage to life here in Paris.  It’s a tall-tell sign that warmer days have arrived when the masses come together to lunch outside beneath the sun.  Not only is taking an hour lunch très français, but when the warmer weather arrives in Paris, you can find every resident of the city of light searching for their seat outside at their local cafe or bistro.

A few of my personal favorite places to eat when the sunshine is out include Cafe de Flore which is a Parisien classic found on the infamous Boulevard Saint-Germain, any of the delightful restaurants in Bercy Village, and last but certainly not least the cafes that sit next to Place de Vosges.  There are so many more delightful cafes and bistros that offer terrace meals in Paris, it is so hard to chose my favorites.  Pretty much anywhere that you go in Paris, if the sun in shining you will be able to find a terrace to eat out on.

Update: What’s Next For Me

This year has been nothing short of a learning experience.  I’ve lived in Paris before, but this time I was really living my full life immersed into the French culture.  I’ve learned and grown so much within this last year, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to be going back home.  What’s next for me: summer in California.  My home will always be San Diego.  It is where my parents and my closest and oldest friends live.

After a long (well deserved) summer, I will be returning back to Paris for a second year of teaching English with TAPIF & living life as an expat in France.  Without the added stress of everything being new and unknown, I am hoping to be less stressed & have more time for myself and my blogging.

That’s all for now, but I am hoping to write more about my experience with TAPIF & France, as well as all my planned adventures back home this summer!  Do you have any exciting plans for this summer, or maybe you will be in Paris soon and are looking for some tips and recommendations? Feel free to leave me a comment below with any questions you may have!  Also, don’t forget to follow me on bloglovin‘ & Instagram so that you can stay up to date on my life and latest posts!


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