Hotel Del Coronado & Breton Stripes

Hotel Del Coronado & Breton Stripes

Hotel Del Coronado

Hello my lovely readers & happy summer vacation!  As some of you may know if you’ve stayed up to date with the blog, I am officially back home in California for the summer holiday.  Putting aside the “May-Grey” we had that rolled into the first week of June, the weather here is great.  The sun is out & the espadrilles are on.  With summer vacation comes traveling to new places, or even just discovering new places in your own town.  One of the best places to visit and discovering during the summer is The Hotel Del Coronado.  It’s an iconic landmark here in San Diego, and is a must for any tourist that comes to Southern California.

The reason why I love visiting down here is the vibe it gives me.  As much as I would enjoy spending my summer holidays traveling through France, I had to make the decision to come back home.  However, whenever I’m down at the Hotel Del Coronado, I feel as though I’ve been transported back to France.  The architecture greatly resembles French beach resorts.  Walking down the boardwalk taking in the views is a perfect weekend activity.

Breton Stripes

These have long been a favorite in my wardrobe.  Breton stripes are one of my go-to looks during the summer months.  The classic quarter sleeved sweater will never go out of style, this summer however I’m incorporating this classic in through my accessories.  I love how the stripes liven up any outfit.  My summer uniform is a white tee & jean combo, so I’m always looking for ways to liven up my look while still being comfortable.  Basket bags of all shapes and sizes are this summer’s “it” item, so this one is perfect.  It’s versatile and fits everything for a beach trip or a day of shopping.

These espadrilles have been a staple in my wardrobe for a few years now, and for good reason.  They are so comfortable and perfect for when I want a change from my daily flip-flops.  The stripes give them a little something extra and are the perfect addition to any outfit.  They are also super easy to throw into a carry on bag for a weekend trip or even to have on hand if you need a change of shoes throughout the day!

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I hope you enjoyed this first Travel in California post.  I am hoping to expand the blog with more travel related posts this summer while I rediscover this place I call home. Feel free to leave a comment below about what you think!

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