Back in France: A Life Update

Back in France: A Life Update

Hello there my lovely readers. As you may have recently noticed I haven’t published a post on this platform in quite some time.  This I apologize for, but also, I’m not really sorry.  I took the last weeks of my summer to take care of me.  I had to deal with some stuff in my waking life; and I decided it was best for me to unplug and have a social detox before I returned back to France.  When I arrived back in France almost a month ago, I took the time to settle back in, catch up on my sleep, & finally redecorate my apartment.  Now that I am feeling recharged, I am ready to share a little life update with you.

Back in France

I arrived back in Paris a little over 4 weeks ago after a much needed summer back in California with my family.  I spent the summer working and relaxing and catching up with old friends and my parents.  After a year of living and working in France, I needed a disconnect from city life. A little dose of California sunshine was just what I needed because I am back in Paris feeling refreshed and ready for the upcoming school year.

It’s finally October, the weather is getting cooler, my tan is fading, & the leaves are changing colors.  My work contract has officially begun, but that doesn’t mean I am back in the classroom just yet.  Dealing with l’administration française is special that way.  I will just sit and wait (and online shop) until I have a working schedule.  I am currently working on some stuff for the blog that should be up very soon.  So keep a look out, and most importantly, happy autumn!


My Skincare Routine

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