My Paris Series: Paris Sous La Neige

My Paris Series: Paris Sous La Neige

Just last week we had the first real snowfall in Paris since 2010.  I’m using the word “real” because, sure, we’ve have flurries of snow over the last few months.  It snowed a little last year as well; but last week we had enough snow that I, a native Southern Californian, had my first snow day home from school.

Paris Sous La Neige

“Paris Under The Snow” is the best way to describe what occurred last week.  Schools closed down, trains were cancelled and delayed, and everyone was outside profiting from this exceptional occasion.  Never in my life have I lived somewhere that has a snowy winter, so this was nothing short of a surprise to wake up to.  When I left for work in the morning, the streets were completely covered in snow.  I walked to the train station to start my commute to work out to the suburbs, only to find that the trains were either delayed or cancelled all together.

A Winter Wonderland

This snowfall transformed Paris into, for a lack of a better phrase, a winter wonderland.  The streets lined with snow, the already magnificent monuments covered in white.  Children running around playing and adults acting like children in the snow was a sight to see.  The typical Parisien had return to their childhood in the midst of this winter’s dream.  So of course I had a hot cup of cocoa when I returned home, what else was I supposed to do on this day?!

It was beautiful to see my city covered in a white sheet of snow.  Everyone was bundled in coats and scarves, snow boots that would typically be packed away until a trip to the Alps. The tables and chairs outside of cafes and bistros nearly unrecognizable.  And of course, the metro stations looking nothing less than beautiful.  Paris covered in snow was nothing short of something straight out of the movies.

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I hope you enjoyed this little slice of Paris in the snow.  To checked out more posts all about my beloved city, click here.  & Please don’t forget to go and follow me on Instagram as well as Bloglovin’ to stay up to date on all the latest posts and my day-to-day life!




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