About Me

In August of 2014, I moved to Paris to fulfill my lifelong dream of living abroad.  I moved to Paris to immerse myself in the language, – I have always longed to be bilingual but never really found an interest studying in a classroom – to discover the French culture, a whole new lifestyle, and to try living in a completely new country.  I left family and friends back in California to pursue a dream of an expatriate life in Paris.  After my five months in Paris were up and I returned back to California, I began planning for a more permanent move back to Paris, since I realised that this is where I wanted to be.  “My Parisienne Soul” started as a creative outlet after studying abroad in Paris, but has become a place for me to share my transatlantic life and experiences in France.  I am an alumna of the University of California, Davis where I studied Human Development and Psychology.  I am currently located in Paris, working as an English teacher with TAPIF.  I have hopes to go back to school to get my masters & to work in the study abroad field, helping others to have the same great experiences living abroad.

Rachel x

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